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In the beginning... 

The story starts way back in 1975 when Grandad R.W. Smith was earning a crust for his family in Hawkes Bay. He used to make all things canvas, pvc and textile related with a focus on saddlery for horses… However times have changed and the trusty ol' Clydesdale horse was soon replaced with motor vehicles – thanks Henry T Ford!

With a taste for continual improvement, fast forward a couple of generations, and relocation to the Wairarapa Province and you will find Rugged Valley where it is today, providing the community with canvas seat covers,  workwear and safety apparel, and other general canvas products. Over the years, we have gathered together a wealth of experience which now enables us to provide our customers with quality products.   

Our priority is providing a service that surpasses excellence, finding solutions to your problems and allowing you to deal with people that love to deal with you. 

Our team here at Rugged Valley are few in number, yet highly passionate about providing you protection – extreme protection! Your needs are the core driving force behind the team at Rugged Valley NZ.   We believe it’s more than just a cover, it's about making your day to day living stress free, without having to worry about your dog damaging your plush leather seats, or your husband jumping into the vehicle filthy and muddy after a hard day’s work after milking the cows.

 New Zealand is known for its extreme conditions, and here at Rugged Valley we have the answers for you to fight whatever it may throw at you!  Whether it be protection for your car seats, protection when you are on a construction site, or protection from the elements.  Rain, hail, mud, dirt, honey, sparks, stones. We have the solutions.  So you, your vehicle, and your belongings come out unscathed.

Looking for protective clothing, seat covers, or a sail shade?

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Guarantee – when it comes to protection, we are extremists. So much so, we stand by our product 100%. If you are unhappy with it, we are unhappy. If the seat cover doesnt fit to your expectiation or has a manufacturing fault or defect before two years from date of purchase under normal wear and tear - we will refund you in full or replace them. As we say, we go the extra mile, there is less traffic on that road. 

Terms: Rugged Valley New Zealand reserves the right to cancel and/or refund purchases made through our online webstore if the pricing is incorrect.